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How FreelancerGuru.Com Works?

The following scenario explains how FreelancerGuru.Com works. There are three parties involved in activities in the FreelancerGuru.Com. They are Freelance Providers (Freelancers), Company Providers (Software Companies, etc) and Contractors (Posts Jobs).

  • Peter

    Peter is a freelance web developer lives in USA. He registers with FreelancerGuru.Com for free and looking for web development and related jobs. Peter knows that payments are guaranteed in the FreelancerGuru.Com.
  • Patricia

    Patricia owns a graphic designing and content writing business in UK. She registers with FreelancerGuru.Com for free and looking for jobs in graphic designing and content writing areas.
  • John

    John owns several business and he wants to develop a website for his real estate business. John registers with FreelancerGuru.Com for free and post his requirement for free. He knows that there are thousands of web designers available in the FreelancerGuru.Com and he gets lots of responds from all over the world which suits with his budget. John posts two jobs in the FreelancerGuru.Com, one is for web development and another one for content writing for the website.
  • Peter apply for John's Project

    Peter found John's web development job and he is interesting in the job and the budget. he applys for John's project.
  • Patricia apply for John's Project

    Patricia also found the John's content writing job and she was also interesting in the job and its budget. She applys for the job for free.
  • John gets responses within hours

    John got many responses for his both jobs from all over the world within few hours. He done an online research on applicants by browsing their profiles, feedbacks and previous projects. Finally he was satisfied with Peter and Patricia and interviewed them online using the messaging system in the FreelancerGuru.Com.
  • John made selections

    Finally John selected Peter and Patricia for his jobs. John pays project value for FreelancerGuru.Com. He monitored their job progress in the team-room and work diary. It was like working them in his own office, so easy and simple.
  • Finished Jobs

    Peter and Patricia finished their projects according to the agreed time schedule. FreelancerGuru.Com pays them in the next payment date through PayPal.
  • Everyone is happy

    John gets his job done within few days and secured money transactions. Peter and Patricia got jobs and guaranteed payments by time. They also got good feedbacks from John and continue getting jobs.