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Take Time to Consider Outsourcing Software Development



At the discovery of the World Wide Web the need for software development also accelerated.  The function of software development is usually referred to the writing and maintenance process of source code called computer programming. In broader view it includes certain procedures like research, development, design, modification, implementation, re-engineering, and maintenance, as well as processes resulting to software products. One popular source for these processes is through outsourcing it. A lot of offshore companies and even freelancing individuals offer such services with versatility that meets a company’s need. Considering outsourcing software development may be of great help to companies especially those who are still starters in its industry.

Outsourcing software development became popular because it poses advantages and benefits to companies who use it. One advantage is cost savings. True enough outsourcing really costs lower than having them internally. Salaries of software engineers are much smaller in less developed countries compared to the same profession located in a more developed one. With a competitive service, these offshore providers are performing best in their profession with a slash in the compensation. Therefore, companies also benefit by their skills. Time is of the essence in every decision. Thus, software development must be timely and maintained well so as not to cause unwanted and untimely problems; however, there are internal employees who may not have the sufficient skill to commit such responsibility and deliver on deadlines. Hiring more experienced ones may cost a lot more so companies tend to outsource them. Outsourcing companies offers a lot of specializations that meet a client’s need. Considering time as a factor, these companies provide the right skills, resources, and workforce that can meet hectic schedules and strict deadlines. Benefited by outsourcing are also the internal employees of the user. Since responsibilities outside their field of expertise are now done outside, employees can now focus their attention and skills on the other important tasks at the higher level..

When deciding whether outsourcing software development is the right option or not, one must look at the disadvantages, weaknesses, and threats that it may cause to the user company. One of which is constant management. Since the software development function is provided offshore, manager of this component must constantly be in contact with the outsourcing provider, views the codes, monitor the latest development, examines bug tracker, and others. May seem tedious on the managers part but it has to be done so that the project may not get out of control or worse end up with the wrong service or product. Though the needed software may be done timely, the testing process may turn out difficult for the user, another weakness of outsourcing. Once problems are cited after testing the software, it has to be communicated back to the provider who may in turn not solve it due to the lack of communication and besides it is a lot easier to fix problems face to face rather than not personally seeing it. Other disadvantage may be caused by the time difference making communication a lot harder. Another is the quality of service that the provider may render. The only basis that users have in deciding which provider to take is their posted credentials, where accurateness and incompleteness we tend to doubt.