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Build a Rate history for your ads: get them placed strategically well


The flagship advertising product of Google is AdWords and is the primary source of revenue for the company. AdWords facilitate pay-per-click (PPC) type of advertising, and the website targets promotion for both text ads and banner ads. Google AdWords is a very powerful marketing tool that is used by internet marketers all over the world. Professionals in the field of internet marketing devote greater part of their time in increasing the volume and quality of their listing. AdWords is one of most excellent methods to build up your list quickly through the use of rate history.


  • Google AdWords places your advertisement on the basis of its performance. One of the criterions used by AdWords in order to determine the position and cost of an advertisement is through historical Click Through Rate (CTR) the rate history. CTR is established by the frequency of your ads being clicked in relation to the frequency with which they are shown. Ads that have a higher CTR get a better and higher placement along with a lower cost.

  • AdWords keeps a historical record of your individual keywords, phrases, and groups beginning the first time that you begin using the system. This can be a challenge for new internet marketers.
    When you as a marketer open up your Google AdWords account your rate history or historical click through rate will be an absolute zero. Your competitors have been using AdWords since long time and are quite ahead of you. Their ads will get prime ad placement, whereas your ads will lie at the bottom place. Most people look and read only the first or second page of the search results and if your ad lies on page 3 there are meager chances of it being seen. One way to change this situation is the use of Keyword Macros.

  • These Keyword macros are a characteristic feature of Google AdWords and permit you to create a dynamic ad copy. The feature helps to display the exact search phrase of the user as the headline of your ad. The Keyword Macro feature is used by adding a small syntax and the rate history of your ad will gradually improve.

  • {KeyWord: alternate headline}

    Making use of such syntax in the AdWords campaign will exhibit the users’ search line as your headline. But, Google AdWords permits the use of just 25 characters in the form of a headline.  If the search exceeds this limit your alternate headline will be displayed. In the syntax shown above the letters K and W are capital letters. Using this syntax will not only make the user’s search phrase as your headline, but also the first alphabet of each word of your ad will be capitalized. Your ad will stand uniquely apart from those ads that don’t use the macro feature. This macro will also make your headline appear in bold type, making it more visible to the users.

  • Does all this will help to build a rate history or historical CTR?

    Yes, using keyword macros results in quite higher click through rates as compared to standard headlines and is the quickest way to make historical CTR. Once your CTR becomes high your ads will have the benefit of being better placed that in turn will reduce your ad costs.