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Outsourcing to India



Today, it is difficult for global organizations to remain competitive without outsourcing. There are a number of advantages to outsourcing like the cost-effective services being provides, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced operating costs, enhanced quality and ability to focus better in the primary competencies. Outsourcing to India is one of the most ideal and sought-after places to outsource. India has many distinct advantages which is detailed in the below sections.

India has now turned into the hub of world’s outsourcing. The primary reason for global organization to outsource their work is the cost-effective services provided by India. The operating cost is reduced by almost half. And India has almost an unlimited workforce who is well educated, experienced, trained and technically skilled. The almost infinite pool of skilled technical people has helped India to produce cost-effective world.

India is pioneer in outsourcing and has proved to the world of its technical superiority compared to other countries. India also has the largest number of English-speaking people after the US. The workforce is also talented, educated, experienced and are computer literates. The other advantage is the time zone. The difference in time zones between India and countries in the US and UK has been touted as one of the biggest advantage for outsourcing to India. The global organizations can provide 24 X 7 X 365 days customer support.

India also has got immense governmental support. India is the largest democracy and has always provided a stable government. The IT projects and regulatory processes are quickly approved by the ministry of information technology. The government is also focusing on building high-tech IT parks which is world-class with respect to infrastructure and technology. India also has proved that it can provide cost effective solutions within a quick turnaround time. By sending work to India, the global organization can focus on their core competencies and save on manpower, time and efforts. The progress shown by Indian companies are also tremendous. More than twenty software companies in India have already achieved CMM level. India is also ranked first in the highest number of ISO-9000 software companies.

The US has already recognized Outsourcing to India as a superpower when it comes to outsourcing. Over the years, the number of organizations which outsource work to India so as to marginalize on revenue has also increased. In US, more than 80% of the organizations which outsource their work have ranked India as their first choice. In brief, outsourcing to India can help you get cost-effective services with high quality. Of India is also world class and boasts of high-end technology. The skilled and talented pool of professionals to do quality work is another big plus. India has also already proved to the world of its experience in providing solutions to a wide range of problems. India also provides an extensive range of services. They are also well trained in the latest software and technologies. The organizations can thus maximize their revenue with minimum expense and save on time, efforts and infrastructure by outsourcing. The Indian teams are also able to provide the solution within a very quick turnaround time which helps you gain over your competitors.