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Choose the most qualified employee for the right job


Employee turnover is a common problem that affects organizations all over the world. To avoid the losses incurred due to this problem it is important that management of these organizations take requisite steps to take care of this problem. One of the most excellent ways to evade this is to make sure that the most qualified correct person is hired for the right position at the first time. Multiple applications for multiple positions increase the complexity of the task. The following few tips will help you in making the process easier.


  • Interview numerous applicants

Although, the task of interviewing several people for a single position seems like wastage of time and resources, but is vital both for the benefit of the employer and the employee. Several managers dislike interviewing and screening to such an extent, that they prefer the option of hiring the first applicant with a decent resume. Interviewing numerous candidates, reviewing their skills and abilities thoroughly, and checking their references will help you to sort out a narrow batch of few people. In the second round of interview even if you choose one from the first few interviewees, at least you’ll end up choosing the most qualified person for the correct job.

  • Personality screening tools help

No interviewee will give you the correct details about his levels of honesty, determination and hard work.  Many employers and organizations use a questionnaire tool that are software based and employs complicated formulae to find out the personalities of the applicants. These screening tools help in finding out the reality behind the mask that most applicants wear and will lead to the selection of most qualified person for a particular job.

  • Team interviews should be preferred

Most interviewees are scared of a team interview; however it is quite beneficial for the employees and organizations. When interviews are conducted by a team of five to seven people, all interviewers test the candidate on different basis. If one checks the intelligence and aptitude the other will focus on the body language of the interviewee. In this way the reality behind the apparent skills and abilities are quite known. Team interviews are thus better than individual ones.

  • Execute a second round of interviews

When the position for which the interview is being conducted, requires a very specific set of skills and competencies, it is good to conduct a second round of interview for select candidates for that job.  Often in the second round of interview, the panel includes a few other team members with which the applicant will work in future. A second opinion about a particular applicant for the post helps the employee to choose the most qualified person for the job.

To avoid future turnover in any organization, it is important that team leaders make sure that to choose the most qualified person for the correct job. The process of going through the applications and the screening procedure involves expenditure of time and resources but recruiting the wrong person, training them and then suffering from turnover have larger associated costs. Using the above tips will help managers and supervisors of any organization to do this task perfectly. .