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How to Become Freelance Software Developers


Computer programming is a profession which is extremely satisfying if mastered. You can either work with corporate or be self employed as a freelance programmer. In software programming, software development is a category which would ensure a very rewarding career. Software Developers are very much in demand and are one of those who are paid very well. There are a few steps to follow to become a freelance software developer which is described in detail below.

The first step to be a freelance developer is to learn all the fundamentals of programming. Software Developers should know their basics well. There are many free resources available in the internet which is also easy to learn. Once you understand the meaning of a variable, functions, class and arrays, then, learning any new language becomes easy. The second step is to set a goal for you. You should be able to decide on the direction in which you intend to do your business.
If you are actually talented developer, you can think of a new software idea yourself. You can build it and then sell it across to end users. Or you can think of becoming a custom solutions developer.

Once your business direction is set, you have to choose the programming languages and tools that you need to be comfortable with. You can either lookout for learning how to build web applications or desktop applications. It is better if you have knowledge in both, because, then, you would have more options at hand. For web pages, it is better to start with PHP. For applying PHP, it is also important to learn Java script, CSS and HTML. For desktop application, you can start with Realbasic. This is relatively easy to learn and provides you a solution for building customized database software. Once you have identified the tools, you can learn these programming languages. You can depend on some reliable and free sources online. It would be even better if you can get into a course because it would help you be more organized.

Once you have learned all these basics, you have to write a business plan to get started. You should have it on paper how you are going to market yourself, how you can build sample applications to attract clients, etc. Once the business plan is made, you have to put this plan into action. You have to advertise your services online by offering freelance projects. Freelance projects would be available in plenty in many websites, where many global organizations are looking for outsourcing their work. This is the place where Software developers have to start off. The challenge is get into a creamy project, especially when you are a fresher. This is where the importance of sample applications developed by you comes into picture.

Generally, the employers would be willing to experiment with even fresher’s if they think that you can find a solution for their business problem. The important quality which Software developers should necessarily have is clarity of thought. You should be able to see the real-world customer problem and build applications which can resolve it.