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A few learning steps towards experienced and improved tweeting


Twitter is greatly useful for joining and being a part of the global conversation, sharing thoughts, information, opinions, and media. But for new tweet users, there is a fairly sharp learning curve which they have to pass through in order to be called experienced . For people who are new to Twitter, this site doesn’t make sense immediately and it can be a little discouraging. Following are a few things that will help new twitter user know and learn better in little time

  • Search for people whom you already know

The best way for new twitter users to get experienced is to find friends who available on other networks tool. This makes people permit twitter to scan and check their Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail address books to see and find if any acquainted or friend is on Twitter. Once the scanning of your address book is done, Twitter will trace and recommend you a few users to follow and inform them that you already know something outside of Twitter. Once you start following those friends, they will get alert message indicating that you’ve followed them.

  • Search and find compatible users

Another way of becoming an experienced twitter user is to search and find other Twitterers that like talking about topics of your interest. Getting a pour of tweets on topics of your interest will help making Twitter more interesting and useful. A tool that new Twitterers can use to search for compatible users is Twitter Search. This is Twitter’s personal built-in search engine that permits users to make use of keywords and find out lets users who are interested and talk about topics of their interest.

  • Find people residing in close by areas on twitter

Search and fins people residing in close by areas on twitter. This will make the service of twitter more useful for you. It will help you to get updates regarding local meet-ups, and keep you informed about local issues. A good way to begin your search for neighboring tweeters is by using Twitter search. Using the option of advanced search you can limit these results to those tweets that originate from close by to a specific location.

  • Get a mobile or desktop client

Once you begin using Twitter to communicate with followers and friends become experienced , you might want to advance from interface. Making use of web for tweeting is difficult when you follow numerous people and do things like receiving and sending replies and then direct messages. The best solution to this problem is the search for a desktop client. They are software specifically built to utilize Twitter. Clients usually do very supportive things for the desktop, such as help you in putting people that you follow into groups, so as to ensure you that you don’t miss any tweet from people you love and care the most. They also send you alerts when you receive a new message or reply, and help you share videos and images. Thus they help you to the most benefits of using Twitter and do not miss anything.