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A few vital means of interactive web design

In earlier days, websites didn't involve into much interaction with the visitors. They simply clicked to the link, visited the site, read requisite information, subscribed to the site or bought a product and then left the site. With so much advancement in technology, increasing customers’ needs and growing trends in customer relationships today’s websites have become more interactive. Even visitors prefer to have more interaction. The following article will discuss in brief a few ways of interactive web design .

  • Attach new blogs
    The easiest way to make an existing website interactive is by adding blogs to the site. You can place it in a sub-directory or sub domain. Visitors will be able interact with the blog by placing their comments, subscribing to newsletter or RSS feeds.
  • Interact through forum
    Addition of forums is another effective means of interactive web design for viewers. Forums facilitate visitors to place their queries and questions. These are then answered by people with similar interests or even by experts placed in the forum. Sometimes such a conversation can continue for weeks. A forum can be added to the main site in a sub-directory or as a sub domain.
  • Chat windows in the site
    Chat windows on sites helps the visitors to engage in conversation with customer service executive that have been trained for the purpose. The viewer just needs to open the chat window and get all his doubts and queries regarding the product cleared there and then.
  • Interact via newsletters
    Take out time to send valuable information related to product or service by constantly sending weekly or biweekly newsletters to your regular customers. This will keep them informed about the products and will surely trust you. Newsletters are the best way of establishing long-term relationships with website visitors. They will become more receptive to product recommendations made by you.
  • Automatic e-responders
    Another excellent method of interactive web design is through automatic e- responders. A general rule related to the purchase of a product through a website is that the customer should to be contacted no less than seven times before a purchase is done. An Automatic e-responder facilitates you to send automatic email messages after every few days. All you need to do is to begin the process and forget it, as everything will be done automatically after that.
  • YouTube
    Most people are not fond of reading online texts as they find it quite monotonous. They are visual learners who are fond of viewing online videos. Addition of a video to your site facilitates the visitors to hear and watch your content.
  • Send small e-courses
    E-courses are small tutorials, each of which contains a lesson or a description about the product. Sending small e-courses to your site visitors through auto-responder will gradually improve their knowledge about the products of your brand. This will make them more inclined to buy your products as the need for such product arises.
  • Use applications like Facebook and Twitter
    Use of applications like Facebook and twitter on your website for interactive web design is quite easy. Visitors will automatically be added to the accounts of your site just by clicking the icons. With any addition of new content to your website these visitors will be automatically informed via these applications.

Trying a combination of the above few methods will surely help you improve interaction with your customers.